Women and natural resource protection

November 10-11, 2021
With Covid 19 pandemic protocols, Peace Bridges Organization (PBO) organized a first time gathering of the women of the project Citizens Engaged in Environmental Justice for All #CEEJA from around #PreypreahRoka and #PreyLang forest, a total of 42 people and some community members of the Peace Bridge partner organizations.
Topics for 2 days include
1. Welcome and Purpose (Mr. Som Chanmony, PBO’s Executive Director)
2. Faith and physical and mental health (Venerable Preah Panha Mony Gneagn Hak Sienghai)
3. Women and Community Participation (Mrs. Ny Santos)
4. Food and Health (Dr. Gnel Puth)
5. Fish release as part of participation in environmental and natural resources restoration and protection (PBO’s Training Team)

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