To protect Prey Lang from deforestation is to replant trees


Prey Lang Forests are the largest forests, growing leaves every season (Jungle Prey Sroung), remaining in the country and the Indochina Peninsula. Prey Lang Forest has a size of approximately 3,600 square kilometers covered by jungle and the core size of approximately 8,000 hectars to 10,000 hectars. This includes seven separate environmental ecosystems such as oldest forest, mud, wild, jungles and half swath thickets. Moreover, Prey Lang has high biological value. domain name ideas generator Burundi . It is the habitat of rare species and 27 endangered species, including big luxurious trees and more than 20 endangered plant species as well, and it will be lost if there are no action taking to protect this forest.


In a study shows that Prey Lang forest areas are less nutritious soil for agriculture but they are useful for watershed and waste water flowing to the Tole Sab Basin as critical habitat for spawning fish. Prey Lang is crucial important for human lives, livestock, creatures and helpful for sustainable environment, food security and water supply for people.


There are over 700,000 people who are living around 10 kilometers from Prey Lang. They are making their living off on the forest of Prey Lang. All of them are originally from Kuy tribe and some other conservative ethnic groups. Another significant reason is about the increasing of earth warming everyday.


Because of the above reasons, we all need to protect forests and plant more trees.








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