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Runtime: 127 min
Audio: 2.1 Stereo
Language: English
Resolution: 1200×720
Frame Rate: 29.9 fps
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The 33 2015 torrent

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Year: 2015
Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Stars: Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro, Juliette Binoche
Director: Patricia Riggen
The 33 2015 (Eng) Movie Torrent Download
The 33 2015 Full Movie Torrent Download
Greetings again from the darkness. How to structure a film based on real events, which lasted 69 days, took place 5 years ago and was followed live on TV for half the world’s population? Director Patricia Riggen (Heavy age in 2012) falls film designed to draw on the feelings, and based on the book by Dark deep Hector Tobar, as well as interviews with key players.In 2010, at the San Jose copper / gold mine collapsed trapping 33 miners more than 2,300 feet beneath tons of rubble and unstable rocks, dwarf Empire State Building. After some pretty harsh effects, we are there to collapse. Its this segment and the immediate response from the miners who provide the best movies of the segment. We believe the miners a sense of panic and loss as they begin to come to grips with their plight.The film revolves between the three struggle: the isolation of the miners struggling to survive, a tent city inhabited by families who are trying to keep hope alive, and the Chilean government is struggling with policy and public relations of the rescue mission. From the standpoint of characters, each of these three segments receiving face. Antonio Banderas as Mario, becomes the center of the miners. He is looking for an escape route, it takes the (very limited) food rations, and acts as an arbitrator, and the light of hope in a very unstable situation. Juliette Binoche (yes French actress) Mary, the sister of one of the miners and the most energetic of those pushing the government will try to escape. Rodrigo Santoro plays Lawrence Goldborne, chili minister of mining, and the one who pushes the government to move forward on the road of salvation mission.Other key characters include Gunton like Chiles President Pinera, Lou Diamond Phillips, Don references, safety inspectors, Gabriel Byrne, as the chief engineer, James Brolin, Jeff Hart (leading US drill team), Naomi Scott as Marios wife and three other miners: Oscar Nunez and Juan Pablo Casas Raba.The most amazing segment comes courtesy from mining hallucinations. His fantasy sequence soaked Last Supper, which plays to the sounds of the opera Bellini, while the flow of food and drinks and family members join the fun. It is not difficult to imagine the brain, taking these poor gentlemen in such places if torture.As mental approach to allow more audience-friendly film buried miner, arent we witnessed a large underground conflict and internal bickering in the Chilean government officials minimized. We get to see the media circus that occurred during the test and # X85; Of course, most of us have witnessed it in real time.Director Riggen put a movie that taps into the emotions of the people of different groups of people, rather than focusing on the plight of the miners. His job is to keep us interested in true history, which we all know the ending, but most viewers will remain engaged with the characters. It should also be noted that the evaluation of some of the latest minimalist works by the late, great James Horner.
The 33 2015 Eng Free Download Torrent
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