Man of peace visits Perth


Som Chanmony (Mony) is the Director of Peace Bridges, a not-for-profit organization in Cambodia that is changing culture.

The Asian nation carries many reminders of the years of desolation under the Pol Pot regime. Among the problems arising from the era is a national distrust of foreigners, a tendency to attempt to resolve conflict with violence, and serious issues with domestic violence and alcohol abuse. Australian groups Global Interaction and Transform Aid International (through Baptist World Aid Australia) both partner with Peace Bridges. “This is foundation work for our nation,” Mony said. Read more…

Introduction Peace Bridges

This is Peace Bridges

Peace Bridges Impact

In his previous position as director of a Cambodian education institute, Mr. San mainstreamed many of the Peace Bridges lessons into the programs. He also sent several of his staff to Peace Bridges. He incorporates lessons from Peace Bridges with his staff devotions to teach about managing emotions and working collaboratively. He tries to connect faith with peacebuilding.Read more…

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