Portrait of a Peacebuilder: Mrs. Soun

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     Mrs. Soun is a staff member at a community media center in Kampong Chhnang province. From her time studying conflict resolution and transformation with Peace Bridges, Mrs. Soun changed the way she communicates with her family.

     “In the past, I was often upset with people around me. I couldn’t control my anger.” she said. If her children arrived home too late, she yelled and sometimes cursed at them.  “After studying, now I listen to their explanations and am not quick to be mad at them.”

     “Other than this, I learned a lot about conflict, especially the five sources of conflict, the five responses to conflict (cooperation, competition, negotiation, avoidance, and compromise), and forgiveness.” These lessons have helped Mrs. Soun to reduce conflicts within her family and her community. “Responding to conflicts with nonviolence helps me to solve conflict and reduce violence,” she said.

     “I am trying to live with peace in my life,” she said. “Now I have an open mind to accept others’ differences. I don’t discriminate against people around me.”

     In order to help other people experience positive changes, she shared what she learned with people in her family and community. “I told them about not using words that are not hurtful and not using violence.”


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