Mrs. Sourn Samnieng

Mrs. Sourn Samnieng, Community Peace Building Initiative Program Coordinator

Soun SamniengMy name is Sourn Samneing, I’m from Battambang province. I have 8 siblings and I am the second daughter. In 1996, I graduated high school at Net Yorng School in Battambang before continuing in a one year small scale business course at Battambang Business School which I completed in 1997.  One day after that, I left Battambang and moved to Phnom Penh city to study for 3 years more about Christian Education, which I completed in 2000. Since then and up until 2011, I worked with an NGO that works to support vulnerable women and children and women who have been trafficked. During that time, I continued my studies by completing my MBA.

Through my experience working with those vulnerable people, there remains something binding in my heart about those people who need assistance. In 2011, after seeing that Peace Bridges Organization’s vision is to help people find peace and happiness, I desired to become more familiar with the organization. As its vision is similar to mine, I decided to join with Peace Bridges Organization to further the vision I have for Cambodian people through peace building.  Currently, I am a community peacebuilding initiative program coordinator. I work with peacebuilders who have completed our peacebuilding long term training course and who plan to continue on training to the community.

FOR ME, peace is something that is a calmness inside of me and my community. Life without this caring for others around us just leads to all sorts of conflicts and ruined lives.

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