Mrs.Moeung Solida

Mrs.Moeung Solida , Community Peace Building Initiative Program Assistant

Moeung soLidaMy name Moeung Solida . I graduated from Social Science Department at Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2012. I’m working for Peace Bridges for one year since 1st December 2012 as Community Peace Building Initiative program Assistance. I married with Mr.Hen Kim. I came from Kampong Chhnang Province. I would like to spend much time on working to promote peace and help the people who struggle in problem/ conflict to have solution on their problem. For me, Peace means LOVE.  When I have love in mind, I don’t angry, hate, Jealous and harm to other people who live around me.  I Love other as love my self?. SO My family life is happiness and peace full. I am working for help people to love other like love themselves. I hope that Cambodia is full fill peace that it’s beginning from my family first.

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