Mr. Lang Reaksmey

Mr. Lang Reaksmey, Community Peace Building Initiative Program Coordinator

Lang ReaksmeyThere are many people living with complicated problems that are very hard to understand – living with no hope, full of discouragement and conflict. I am no different in my need for hope, encouragement and peace in my life. Recognizing this need led me to Peace Bridges’ training, which gave me the skills and vision that I am now excited to share with others.

I love helping build peace with families, churches, communities, Cambodia and all over the world. Finishing my year 4 studies at Phnom Penh Bible College and Peace Bridges’ 1-year course of Conflict Counseling and Mediation helped me see my vision more clearly. And my wife, Chenda, is the best resource and encouragement for me for this task. I am grateful that I have been able to work for peace at Peace Bridges since 2007 as a facilitator providing peacebuilding and conflict prevention training to churches and NGOs in Cambodia.

Reaksmey helps provide training and mobilization in our long-term course and in short-term consultancies. In addition, Reaksmey serves as a member of the Church committee, Sunday School teacher, and preacher. Previous to working with Peace Bridges, he was as an assistant pastor and computer coordinator at Faith in Christ Church in Phnom Penh and a dormitory warden at Phnom Penh Bible College.

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