Long-Term Training Program


Mrs. Ma Somethea, Long-term Training Program Manger

I worked for Peace Bridges for more than 3 years as the Administration and Finance Unit Coordinator, and now I am happy to become the Family Violence Prevention Associate. In my new role, I am helping conduct research, make strategies, and develop our programs for helping families become more peaceful.

Working at Peace Bridges has helped prepare me for this job and for life. For example, I have found it hard when we work in the office to deal with interpersonal perception. Recognition of each other’s perceptions or differences is a part of communicating better. Learning these skills in Peace Bridges’ training courses has helped me to do my work more effectively and also bring peace to other people around me.

Every morning, when I wake up and see my daughter smile at me, I feel joyful for the new day. Her smile is so pure and peaceful, which is hard to see from adults. I know that she recognized that I am her mother, who gives her hugs and comfort. So she only experiences the love and smiles we give her. These bring her peace and make her smile to us, too. A smile is one of the most important tools to inspire people from tiredness, but to be able smile we need to have peace in our heart and mind. Before bringing peace to our communities, we need to start from ourselves first. “I just would like to see our communities have a peaceful smile of hope and confidence.” 


Somethea coordinates the Peaceful Families Unit. She was married in 2006 to Mr. Svay Karony (who serves at Word of Life ministry as the office manager). They have one daughter.

Mrs. Oum Mealy, Long-term Training Program Coordinator


Mr. Suos Sakadeth, Long-term Training Program Assistant I am SAKADETH, 32 years old; I was started working with PBO as an assistance of Long Term Training Program in 20th May, 2013. It is great that I have a chance to share my opinion related to peace which people around the world gave difference of peace define. For me peace is a state which do not have conflict to against us and people around us,

Actually peace is quiet, mental and emotion calm, tranquility, freedom from disturbance and not only, it is a state or period in which there is no war or a war has ended.

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