Plant Trees in Cambodia’s Prey Lang Forest:

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Peace Bridges Organization, along with local community members and forest activists, holds an annual tree planting event in the Prey Lang forest. This event helps to restore the heavily deforested semi-evergreen forest as well as curb the global threat of climate change. As Cambodians of all faiths and backgrounds come together to plant trees, they also learn about deforestation and the local community’s nonviolent efforts to protect the forest.


In recent years, a combination of corruption, irresponsible development, and illegal activities has led to rampant deforestation, land disputes, and other damage to the natural environment in Cambodia. Deforestation and illegal logging severely affect the people living in and around the Prey Lang forest, the country’s largest remaining lowland forest. This project will benefit these communities who rely on the forest for their livelihoods.



Through an annual tree planting event, Peace Bridges Organization and participants plant saplings in order to restore the deforested area around the Kbal Khlaa Community Forest. Activities during the event also educate participants about the environment and climate change, help connect peace-building to the environment and land issues, and promote the forest preservation activities of Prey Lang Community Network.

Long-Term Impact:

With over 350,000 people living around the Prey Lang Forest, this project will help restore the forest area and improve the livelihoods and quality of life for those dependent on it. For members of the Prey Lang Community Network and other participants such as youth, NGO workers, peace-builders, monks, and local officials, this event will help instill a sense of collective responsibility towards the protection and preservation of Prey Lang, Cambodia’s forest.



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