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Community Peace Building Initiative Program

Mr. Sar Sokhapong Daniel, Community Peace Building Initiative Program Manager

What motivated me to work at Peace Bridges was seeing the impacts on my country from the experience of a long civil war. Even though the genocide is over, a lot of people are still affected, and the war has really impacted their attitudes and behaviors. They become angry and violent easily, and so a lot of families and schools live with violence. Even I suffered violence as I was growing up.

So when I saw those things I also observed that I could not change anything, because people expected to change things with violence. But violence cannot end violence, and so the situation became worse and nothing ever changed. Because I saw a lot of violence in families and communities, and against minority groups like the Cham people, I asked myself, “As a citizen living in a country with a lot of violence, what can I do to help?”

When I heard about peacebuilding training offered by Peace Bridges, I was very interested and applied. After I finished, I was even more motivated to see what I could do for society and how I could use my knowledge and skills bring healing. So when I learned Peace Bridges was going to employ a new position, I applied. I am now very happy that I can use my knowledge and skill to help the people in my country by providing peace education to the Christian churches, Buddhist monks, community groups, prison inmates and staff, and so on.

After the training and support I have provided, I can see the impact on people’s lives. I can see their changed attitudes and that the training also benefits their families, workplaces, and communities. But the work is not finished and a lot of areas and groups still need peace-building work. For this reason, I still have a heart to continue my work and see peace extend across Cambodia.

Mrs. Moeung Solida , Community Peace Building Initiative Program Assistant

My name Moeung Solida . I graduated from Social Science Department at Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2012. I’m working for Peace Bridges for one year since 1st December 2012 as Community Peace Building Initiative program Assistance. I married with Mr.Hen Kim. I came from Kampong Chhnang Province. I would like to spend much time on working to promote peace and help the people who struggle in problem/ conflict to have solution on their problem. For me, Peace means LOVE.  When I have love in mind, I don’t angry, hate, Jealous and harm to other people who live around me.  I Love other as love my self?. SO My family life is happiness and peace full. I am working for help people to love other like love themselves. I hope that Cambodia is full fill peace that it’s beginning from my family first.

Mr. Lang Reaksmey, Community Peace Building Initiative Program Coordinator

There are many people living with complicated problems that are very hard to understand – living with no hope, full of discouragement and conflict. I am no different in my need for hope, encouragement and peace in my life. Recognizing this need led me to Peace Bridges’ training, which gave me the skills and vision that I am now excited to share with others.

I love helping build peace with families, churches, communities, Cambodia and all over the world. Finishing my year 4 studies at Phnom Penh Bible College and Peace Bridges’ 1-year course of Conflict Counseling and Mediation helped me see my vision more clearly. And my wife, Chenda, is the best resource and encouragement for me for this task. I am grateful that I have been able to work for peace at Peace Bridges since 2007 as a facilitator providing peacebuilding and conflict prevention training to churches and NGOs in Cambodia.


Reaksmey helps provide training and mobilization in our long-term course and in short-term consultancies. In addition, Reaksmey serves as a member of the Church committee, Sunday School teacher, and preacher. Previous to working with Peace Bridges, he was as an assistant pastor and computer coordinator at Faith in Christ Church in Phnom Penh and a dormitory warden at Phnom Penh Bible College.

Mr. Pun Krisna, Community Peace Building Initiative Program Coordinator

My name is Pun Krisna. I have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. I serve in the ministry at Fellowship of Jesus Village Church and have worked with Peace Bridges Organization since September 1, 2009. Presently, I work as a Community Peace Building Initiative Coordinator, a job that I love very much. I know for sure that it is not an accident that God has created me and that it is his plan for my life to help bring peace to many people so that they can live in true harmony. I consider this very special and I enjoy going everywhere thoughout the isolated rural area of Cambodia in order to help teach others about peace. In this, I am reminded of the verse from the Bible when Jesus’ followers say that they have no gold or silver to give to the people yet what they can give to them is the gift of God that is in them. For me, what I can help give to others is the fruit of peace from God. Working together with others, this is what I hope to do. We can work together to sow the seeds of peace today, so that then we will harvest the fruit of real peace in the future. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. “Matthew 5:9”

Mrs. Sourn Samnieng, Community Peace Building Initiative Program Coordinator

My name is Sourn Samneing, I’m from Battambang province. I have 8 siblings and I am the second daughter. In 1996, I graduated high school at Net Yorng School in Battambang before continuing in a one year small scale business course at Battambang Business School which I completed in 1997.  One day after that, I left Battambang and moved to Phnom Penh city to study for 3 years more about Christian Education, which I completed in 2000. Since then and up until 2011, I worked with an NGO that works to support vulnerable women and children and women who have been trafficked. During that time, I continued my studies by completing my MBA.

Through my experience working with those vulnerable people, there remains something binding in my heart about those people who need assistance. In 2011, after seeing that Peace Bridges Organization’s vision is to help people find peace and happiness, I desired to become more familiar with the organization. As its vision is similar to mine, I decided to join with Peace Bridges Organization to further the vision I have for Cambodian people through peace building.  Currently, I am a community peacebuilding initiative program coordinator. I work with peacebuilders who have completed our peacebuilding long term training course and who plan to continue on training to the community.

FOR ME, peace is something that is a calmness inside of me and my community. Life without this caring for others around us just leads to all sorts of conflicts and ruined lives.