22-23 January 2019: Peace Bridges collected stories

22-23 January 2019: Peace Bridges collected stories of change from 20 (female: 14) peacebuilders who participated in a 4 modules of the faith-based course, “Foundation of Peacebuilding and Community Reconciliation” which finished in November 2018. These peacebuilders are pastors, church leaders of youth, and women’s group leaders, and community health trainers. The inspiring impact on the lives of these peacebuilders is summarized here:
1) They achieved personal and faith-based community reconciliation, including between church leaders who used to have conflicts with each other.
2) Due to personal and relational transformation, peacebuilders reduced their violence especially when faced with a conflict or anger.
3) They helped community members who suffer from violent conflict.
4) They became more aware and engaged with community issues such as restoration of natural resources in their area including local forest and fish stock.


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